Amiko, un nuovo round di finanziamento e da il benvenuto al nuovo partner strategico Sanner Group


Amiko Digital Health Limited (Amiko), a company that develops advanced medication sensor technologies and AI-powered digital health tools, announced the closing of a new financing round, led by Sanner Ventures and Breed Reply.

The funds will be utilized to expand, Amiko’s innovative respiratory disease management platform, and support the company’s mission to upgrade the current standard of respiratory care.  Respiro offers a platform of medication sensors and connected health tools, enabling real-time monitoring of medication use and patient health. At the core of the platform: Respiro Sense, the technology that powers the world’s most advanced medication sensors. Combined with respiratory devices such as inhalers, the sensors automatically track the patient’s inhalation profiles to record when and how well patients use their medication and to help monitor lung health.

“SanDuilio Macchi Digital Marketing Farmaceuticoner and Breed Reply strongly believe our mission to transform respiratory care through advanced sensor technologies and AI” said Duilio Macchi, Amiko CEO. “We are excited to receive this investment, as the commitment from these organisations will be key in the commercialisation of Respiro and of our medication sensors.”


“We believe that Respiro Sense has the potential to become the leading platform technology for connected inhalers” said Christian SchierholzSanner ventures digital marketing farmaceutico, Venture Associate of Sanner Ventures. “Respiro is ideally suited for both add-on and integrated modules: it is cost-efficient, unobtrusive, compatible with most inhalers, and collects unique medication use and inhalation data to facilitate true medication adherence.”


About Amiko Digital Health Limited

Amiko develops advanced sensor technologies and AI powered mobile health solutions to assist healthcare professionals and empower patients to achieve better outcomes.

Founded in 2014, Amiko has headquarters in central London and ISO 13485 certified laboratories in Milan. Today, Amiko serves commercial, institutional, and individual customers in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, UK and the Netherlands, and is growing to become a global provider of advanced therapeutics data and digital disease management services, empowering patients, healthcare professionals, and payers to realize a shared vision of a digital health enabled future.

Amiko’s flagship product is Respiro, a connected platform that offers smart devices, applications and analytics to upgrade respiratory care, improve health outcomes and reduce cost of care. Respiro includes medication sensors that collect unique inhalation data, to help monitor compliance, lung function and disease progression. The sensors are bundled with a mobile application, hich receives this data via Bluetooth Low Energy and offers simple metrics and personalized support for improved disease control. The Respiro Platform includes a suite of professional oriented applications, designed to empower healthcare professionals with remote monitoring tools, AI-enabled therapy suggestions and data analytics for them to make smarter decisions, and personalize treatments to the needs of the patients. Respiro has been validated in laboratory and clinical settings with world-renowned key opinion leaders and shown to significantly improve medication use and health outcomes.

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